Compost Pod Tomato Growing Trials

I have some wonderful news.  My very first Tomato garden compost trials are on there way, and already showing results.

I am growing Tomatoes in containers in the ground, with and without pods.  The trials are really starting to speak for themselves now, which is very exciting indeed.

I planted two Tomatoes in cheap potting mix about three weeks ago, and the one containing the pod is really growing much better than the Tomato without it.  See image below.  Potted Tomato on the right contains a compost pod.

Also, the Tomato growing in the ground is performing much better with a pod near it's rootzone, than the plant without it.

The reason being is the compost pods stimulate microbial activity and the soil web.  Also, slow release rock minerals are feeding the Tomato what it needs when it wants it.

In containers the nutrients contained within the pod are slow release, 100% natural and feed the plant as it's needed. Every time you water the pot nutrients are extracted from the pod.  Also, the roots go through the pods material and really improve the overall health and vitality of the plant.

So far, I must say I am super impressed with the results.  I plan to keep sharing the results over the coming weeks, spring and summer, so keep an eye on my blog for updates.

Happy Gardening

Marty Ware 

ps:  You can purchase compost pods in four and ten packs right here.

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