Marty Ware Creator of Artisan Compost

I must say with 100% satisfaction that I am over the moon to be here.

I have finally achieved a part of my dream to set up an urban Artisan compost business, right here on the mid north coast at North Haven N.S.W

Marty Ware Creator of the Compost Pod

A few years ago I would of never dreamed that I would of come this far.  It's actually quite a big step, to go from farming microgreens to making composts.

Actually, I was making my own compost blends for my microgreens, herbs and baby leaf products.  During that time, I made many discoveries and my plants were growing like crazy!

"Through this period I noticed that compost worms and soil biology was playing a huge role in my success".

My plants had less pests and disease, yields were twice as large, taste and colour was off the charts.

Customers were snapping up everything I grew and I always sold out.  

This year I decided that it was time to release my good fortunes to the public, so they could achieve similar results and that's how the Bio Compost Pods came to be.

However, I have been able to improve on the pods over the last year, by creating a high quality worm casting, out of a forest blend rich in carbon and and minerals.

The compost worms love it, as it replicates a natural environment and it gives them a safe home to multiply. This recipe in my eyes creates a worm casting like no other.  Best of all they come in a pod that is hassle free, easy to use and leaves no waste at all.  Each pod breaks down leaving no impact to the Earth. Actually, it leaves it better after it's done it's job!

Also, each pod contains a blend of rock minerals that not only helps plants thrive and grow, it also feeds the microbes and helps them do what they do best, feed plants.

If you want to get your soil back to life, consider purchasing a pod before you go.  There truly is nothing like this around anywhere else. And like my microgreens in the past. I sell out each and every time.

Happy Gardening

Marty Ware (Mid North Coast N.S.W)

PS: Each batch of pods is treated a lot like a fine wine, and is a 100% sustainable product. 


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