Martys Garden Now Has Seeds For Sale in Australia

A few months ago I started growing, sourcing and collecting seeds, and I am excited to say that Martys Garden now has chemical and treated free seeds available for small space vegetable gardeners.

Picture below:  Scarlet Amaranth at approximately 4 weeks of age. Check for availability in the seeds section of this website.

Over time I plan on building up stock for the store.  I have crops of my own growing and a handful of locals growing them for me.

It's all about growing and sourcing the very best and freshest seeds that I can.  The plants that I am growing in my backyard urban farm are grown specifically for small space gardeners.

I am super excited to create a range of Tomatoes that are perfect for container and small space gardeners.  I must say, I love them all in there own unique way.

Seeds to me are so valuable, and way undervalued, especially quality home grown seeds.  My seeds are mineral rich, which I believe helps the plant to start off as healthy as it can be.

Keep an eye out at here at my blog and the Martys Garden Show for updates.

Happy Gardening

Marty Ware


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