Martys Garden The Story From The Start to Now

8 years ago when my daughter Karin was 4 years of age we lived at Tweed Heads in an apartment. We only had a very small space.
Being a horticulturist and a person who has always loved to grow food I decided that I needed a solution, so I could grow as much fresh food as I could.

Image below:  My vertical micro farm and grow house 2016

Martys Garden Micro Farm 2016
Well, it was a real challenge at first especially when I overfilled the pots and it spilled down below onto the neighbours apartment below.
Eventually though I persevered, and finally got there. I was growing Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peas, Strawberries and whole lot of different leafy greens, and get amazing amounts of produce,,I was amazed at how much I could grow.

After my first year, I started a website on small space gardening, it was very popular and sold it one year later for $4000 dollars..I needed the money.
Around that time time I started the YouTube channel and started another website.
It was in about my third year I discovered microgreens by pure accident. I read an article online and knew that was how I was going to farm in the near future.
After 2 years of trial and tribulations I had set up my very first micro farm in Byron Bay.
I built up the business to supply restaurants with microgreens, fresh herbs and salad mixes.
Actually, it was so popular that I even delivered to the locals, fresh bags of microgreens and salad mixes.
I ran this business for a few years and unfortunately fell ill with Dystonia (Torticollis)
This illness hit me extremely hard, and I was in very bad shape.
The hardest part was being a full time single Dad, I still had to take care of my daughter Karin. I also had another cleaning business which employed three staff.
There is a lot more to the story, such as my landlords where I had the farm and lived did not tell me that the property I rented, did not have council approval.
Basically I was living and farming on an illegal space.
I knew one thing,,I had to get well, change my life and take care of my lovely Karin, who was 9- 10 years of age at that time.
I decided to leave my home of Byron Bay, and move south to the Mid North Coast at North Haven closer to family, and find cheaper rent.
Karin and I both love it here now, although it did take about a year to settle in.
I have now kick started the micro farm back off again, making Artisan compost, and got the website back into swing.
I still have a long way to go, as I want to eventually buy a space where I can call home for Karin and myself and run the micro farm from there.
The goal is to sell compost, worm castings, plants and run live shows, events, training and workshops.
The dream is to keep changing lives, inspire and create sustainability for the future in small space farming and food production.
As you would of seen in this group so far you really can grow a lot of food in a small space and still enjoy gardening. Everyone in this community is just great and I am so thankful.
I want to thank everyone for their support, some have followed me for years, others just recently discovered who I am, I truly do love you all.
Keep an eye out for the live shows every wednesday night at 7pm.
This week I am giving away 1kg of my worm castings, how awesome is that.
Happy Gardening to you all.
Lots of love
Marty & Karin

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