Martys Garden Will Make a Pilot for Live TV

"The Martys Garden Show is Making a TV PILOT"
I have some breaking news for the show.
I have been requested by an Australian TV station to create a pilot for series based on urban gardening in Australia.
They said, my show had the feel that they were looking for into 2019.
For the last week I have been working diligently behind the scenes with my broken knee, looking into how this could become a reality.
To my surprise David from Port Media contacted me, and was looking for a new project to be involved with.
We plan to team up and make this a reality. David has years of experience behind him and some amazing equipment that will raise the standards of visuals and stories.
I must admit, I am extremely excited.
Even if the show doesn't go to air, the show will still air online, as the support I have been receiving in Australia has been amazing!
I am also looking for local gardeners, restaurants, cooks and chefs that would like to air on the show, as it's not to far away and time to get rolling.
Yes, I plan to film with a broken leg hehehe...and bring an element of reality into the series.
Keep an eye out for more news coming soon!
Love you all
Marty Ware

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