Michelle Star Compost Pod Testimony Reduced Plant Shock

Michelle Star: Hi Marty Ware, an update on the compost pod.
I transplanted some yacon that had sprouted from the rhizome yesterday, but it was quite warm and the plants wilted quite severely.
Oh dear...what to do?....so after putting the mulch around them I gave them a little drink of your compost...well...within 1/2 hr.
They were sitting up and the leaves looked fully hydrated.
IT'S GOOD STUFF 😉....and my bee flower garden looks like it's really enjoying the compost pod too after just one watering.
Looking forward to much soil (dirt) improvement.

Reply: That's wonderful news Michelle Starr, a neighbour had similar results with plant shock as well, and brought plants back to life using a compost pod.
Makes my day when I get a feedback like this. Thanks for sharing Marty

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