My Surfboard Nearly Killed Me Plus Updates for Martys Garden

My Surfboard Nearly Killed Me Plus Updates for Martys Garden

G'day my friends, some bad and good news.
Yesterday I was surfing a 5 ft swell at my local beach and was struck by my surfboard extremely hard in the knee.
Actually I was hit right on the reflex zone.
It hurt so much I nearly blacked out,,actually it all went black under the water for a split second, but I fought it off.
If I allowed myself to black out I would of drowned and not be here today.
I copped an absolute beating until I got to the beach and for a while there I couldn't feel my leg at all.
I raised my hand and a bunch of local surfers, God bless them came to my aid after I raised my hand.
They carried me up the beach. It was awesome to see how much they cared for my safety and well being. Thanks guys!
The help and generosity kept on pouring through.
A lady from the local cafe on the beach at North Haven came to my aid,she is a nurse,another local surfer drove me to the doctors.
He also lent me an automatic car to help me get around for a bit while I got organized, and dug up some crutches for me.
Anyway,,,there will be more to this story, as it's still unfolding.
At the moment I am wearing a brace on my leg and immobile.
Those who know me, know that I am a full time single father with a 12 year old daughter to take care off.
My family lives in Sydney, so I will be reaching out to the local community for help.
Many of you would be thinking, not much I can do, as I live so far away.
Well, because I am immobile I will be able to be more active online and create a ton of content,,so that's cool.
So, that's one part of the good news.
The second part is,,I am going to lose my income and may possibly lose all that I have been working on for years. Being immobile means I won't be able to make compost, deliver products,,sell on my website,,etc.
One thing I will be able to do is write,,shoot some type of videos and create an Ebook about small space gardening.
Here comes the second challenge. I have a form of dyslexia which makes it a bit tricky for me to write consistently.
So, here is my thoughts on this.
Possibly a collaboration of writers of one page writers, consisting of articles 500 words or more, and if possible supply a photo too!
All to do with small space vegetable gardening!
I have some ideas using the Ebook to raise funds so I don't go under, so to speak.
Please keep in mind it wouldn't be a paid gig,,I am really, honestly reaching out for help, so I can keep Martys Garden afloat and keep providing for my daughter.
It's a long shot, but at the moment it's my only idea on how I can ask for help and give back at the same time.
I plan to keep adding value, inspiring and educating here, I just need a little help to make it come alive.
If your interested please contact in Facebook at the Martys Garden Show. This will help the Facebook algorithm go more viral and share to my people. Also, share this post and all the future posts to come.
Once you have done that touch base with me at my Fanpage the Martys Garden Show to discuss how you can help or play a role.
Love you all
Marty & Karin

ps:  The shop will be closed until I can get back on my feet.  Sorry, for any inconvenience. 

pps:  Keep an eye on my channel and FB for more videos and updates.

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