Small Space Veggie Gardening Australia Group

My small space veggie gardening group in Facebook has had an explosion of growth of the last 2 month with the oncoming of Spring.

The amount of people wanting to learn, share, care and communicate inside the group has also been wonderful.

Currently the community has 3264 (2/11/2018) members with 95% of members residing in Australia.

The other 5% of members either have some type of connection with Australia and really have a lot to offer the community.

I also run a live show inside the group every wednesday evening at 7pm Sydney N.S.W time.  My daughter Karin and I compare the show, and sometimes we even give away free prizes.

The live shows, really still are in developing stages, with content based around small space vegetable gardening.  Most shows run for approximately half an hour!

Having a live show can be a real challenge, as we can't edit it, and at times it can be quite raw, as you just never know what Karin is going to pull out of her hat.  She sure can be funny Karin, the viewers love her and our pet Cockatiel Bobby!

I am still blown away that we can have a live show for all to see right from our home on the Mid North Coast in NSW.

If you would like to watch the show, and become a member of our community in Facebook search small space veggie gardening Australia, send in a request and I will see you there.

For the international crew I am still working out whether I am going to run a live show on the martysgarden channel in youtube,,we will see.

Happy Gardening

Marty Ware 

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