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Bio Compost Pod Pack of Ten

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The Bio compost pods Pack of Ten

100% biodegradable bio fertilizer for all plants, use as a liquid fertilizer or buried in the ground.

Veggies, fruit trees, herbs, roses, and more grow like never before, becoming more resistant to pest and disease as it builds up the plants immune system.

Activates and increases microbial activity in the soil and supplies micro nutrients stored within each pod,

Every pod contains screened forest blend worm castings which contains millions of beneficial microbes that your plants require for optimum health and production.

Also, each pod has a recipe blend of trace rock minerals which are slowly released to the plant over time in the ground, or as a soluble fertilizer.

Each pod can make 100+ litres of soluble fertilizer and feeds your plants in the ground if buried for three months or more.

Can also be used to make a high grade compost tea, store moisture in the ground as a bio sump.

Each pod once finished leaves the Earth & soil healthier, more alive and productive, even after it's done it's job and composted back into the ground.

Unlike plastic, there is no waste and if you were using it as a liquid fertilizer, once it's finished, bury it around the rootzone and it will keep on working for another 3 months

100% no waste product, just as nature intended.