Rock Mineral Blend Worm Farm Food Pack of Four

Rock Mineral Blend Worm Farm Food Pack of Four

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Finally I have been able to release my Rock Mineral Worm Farm food. 

"This really is the Bees Knees when it comes to feeding your worm farm and conditioning the beds". 

Most worm farm conditioners, you just pay for dolomite and the main ingredient is Calcium, to help restore the PH.

But, what if I told you it's much better to supply your compost worms and worm farms with a broad spectrum of minerals, that contain a high end Calcium mineral source.

Now, we are talking, right?

The reason being, is not only will the worms ingest this,(good for their gut), but turn it into amazing worm castings. The microbes in the farm will benefit too, 

The liquid from the worm farm will also contain these minerals and when you water your garden with the liquid from the worm farm, your garden will uptake these vital minerals also. 

This in turn means healthy happier plants, better soils and a healthier you.

Because when you eat from your garden, these plants they will contain all these minerals,,that just aren't found in most soils and composts.

Each hessian bag comes with approximately 240g of pure slow release rock minerals.  The product is 100% biodegradable, no plastic, which is what I stand behind with my bio products.

Feed your worm farm one bag every month, by sprinkling on top over the surface area,,top bedding

Re-compost the plants, then feed back to the compost worms, creating a continual loop of health.   In a very short time you will truly be amazed at the change in your gardens health, vitality, and your worms will love you too!

Mineral Analysis

  • Calcium 10.7
  • Phosphorous 0.06
  • Sulphur 5.8
  • Potassium 2.0
  • Magnesium 1.7
  • Silicon 17.3
  • Iron 3.7
  • Carbon 2300
  • Magnesium 660
  • Zinc 100
  • Copper 40
  • Cobalt 16
  • Boron 13
  • Molybdenum 4