Amaranth Red Garnet Red Leaf Seeds

Amaranth Red Garnet Red Leaf Seeds

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Amaranth Red Garden has stunning deep garnet red leaves that makes this plant not only nutritious, but amazing beautiful.

Approximately 200 seeds per packet.

The flowers are just as amazing, which makes this plant a prize winner in my eyes.

It can be grown as a microgreen, baby leaf for salads, stir fries, patties, and more.

The seeds are also highly prized by those who know about it's amazing health properties, as it's recognized as a high protein superfood, amino acid gluten free alternative.

Bees, and beneficial insect are drawn to this plant, which makes it also a wonderful addition to the garden.

Red Garnet Amaranth grows extremely well in the summer months up to 2m high and lives for approximately 3 months.  You can harvest quite hard from this plant, and it will just keep on producing.

Grows just as easily in a pot, or in the ground and is extremely tough and drought resistant.

Also, lets not forget the amazing antioxidants that are found in all foods coloured red or orange,,so, so good for you.

For me, it's a must have every Spring, Summer and Autumn.  I do grow this in winter also, but more as a microgreen and baby leaf plant.

Stocks can sometimes be limited, so jump on them when they are here!