Giant Red Mustard Greens Seeds
Giant Red Mustard Green Microgreens

Giant Red Mustard Greens Seeds

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I have for sale my homegrown second generation chemically free grow giant red mustard seeds.

Approximately 100 seeds in a pack

This plant is amazing and I must admit I have been in love with it since the first time I grew this on my micro farm in Byron Bay Australia.

It impressed me first as a microgreen, baby leaf and then as a mature plants

It prefers the cooler months, but I have found that it grows quite well in the warmer months too if it is growing in a semi shaded zone.

However, it's highly respected as it performs extremely well in the middle of winter in the coldest of times.

The flavour in the microgreens is amazing, and the flavour continues right through until maturity.  The yellow flowers are also edible and attract many beneficial insects.

Sow at 3mm deep, avoid frosts and extreme heat.

Seeds will emerge in approximately 6 to 10 days.

Harvest microgreens in ten days, baby leaves in two to three weeks and fully mature leaves in 30 to 40 days.

Availability is limited and subject to seasonal growth, if it's there grab it before it goes.