Cherry gold Tomato seeds, chemical free

Cherry Gold Tomato Seeds

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This Cherry Gold Tomato seed is my second generation of this plant, no chemicals have touched these seeds.  This means overall a very highly prized seed straight from my garden.

This classic cherry Tom is sweet, yet does not have the acid content of other Tomatoes.

The variety is semi determinate and an heirloom, that is not very common.

It does require a small stake, but does not get out of control like indeterminate Tomatoes only growing to about 6ft 2m tall.

I like to grow mine onto a fence pole or stake teepee style.

It's a very prolific Tomato and starts producing in about a month to six weeks, and can produce for another few months as it climbs up the support.

It's best to grow this plant in the spring, summer and autumn.  It prefers full sun with a minimum of 6 hours sunlight to perform really well.

It grows well in a container in a minimum of 10 litres.

Planting in the ground,plant in plenty of compost, liquid fertilize once a week and watch this baby grow.

A very pretty plant and definately one of my choices for urban and small space gardens.

This seed will sell out,,so grab it while it's still available.