Kale Heirloom Mixed Seeds

Kale Heirloom Mixed Seeds

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If your looking for a wide range of healthy Kale to grow, this heritage heirloom mix is the way to go.

150 seeds per pack

Available in one packet is Blue kale, Red Russian, Red Curled, Pink Sprouting, Siberian and Black Toscana.

All these varieties perform well as baby leaf and as mature plants.

A mixed seed planting is perfect for salads, bakes, stir fries, and the colour range is perfect for those seeking a wide variety of flavours, textures and nutrition.

Kale performs well in the cooler months, and will grow in the warmer months in a shaded zone as a baby leaf.

This range is also frost tolerant, grows well in full sun and part shade. 

Sow approximately 6mm deep and germination will appear in six to ten days time.

Will grow successfully in deep containers, garden beds and bale gardens.

Harvest baby leaf in approximately 3 week with continual harvesting as the plant matures fully.

My recommendation is to sow baby leaf first, then thin out to allow the mature plants to grow through, while continually harvesting for larger productive volumes over time.

Plant new crops every four to six week for continual harvests.

Kale is one of my regular crops to grow at home in my small space garden, as it's productive, easy to grow and a heavy producer.

Your health is your perfect wealth and Kale is right up there as a plant that fits that criteria.  For optimum health and flavour feed with rock minerals, worm castings and liquid fertilizer such as seaweed.

Amounts available can change at any time depending on the season and availability.