Red Veined Sorrel

Red Veined Sorrel

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Red Veined Sorrel is one of those plants that just keeps on giving and will happily grow in containers and in the ground,

Many people don't know, but this is one of those plants that the restaurants use to pretty up their plates, as it has a truly stunning leaf colour and texture.

The taste is just brilliant, and has a slightly sharp sour flavour.

I have been growing this type of Sorrel for many years now, selling it to restaurants and in mixed salads for the locals.

It is wonderful as a baby leaf, or small bottom leaves in salads.  Some like to use it in soups, and it also bakes really well, similar to Kale chips.  When it is baked, it tastes like seaweed.

It like to grow this plant in the cooler months in full sun and in the summer in a shaded zone.  It's been growing year round at my place as you will see in my videos.

It's a very hardy plant that keeps on throwing up bottom leaves, so you never run out of fresh leafy greens.  

I recommend starting it in a small pot, then as it grows move it into a larger container or plant in the ground where it gets morning sun.  When growing in a hotter zone, plant in the shade and water often.

The more water you give this plant the better the taste.  I also recommend feeding Red Veined Sorrel with rock minerals, such as the ones sold in this website.

Minerals improve flavour and growth, also helps ward off pests and disease.  Also as you cook up this plant your body gets the minerals it requires.

An amazing plant and also well known by permaculturists all over the glob, and perfect for small spaces.

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