Rocket Arugula Seeds
Rocket Arugula Seeds

Rocket Arugula Seeds

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I have some amazing Rocket seeds that are perfect for growing in the garden, pots, microgreens and as a baby leaf.

Approx 200+ seeds per packet

This type of Arugula "Eruca Sativa" is jam packed full of flavour and is amazing when grown at home and picked fresh.

Salads jump to life with its peppery essence that it provides on the plate.

I personally use this daily at home and grow it as a microgreen, baby leaf and mature plant.  Actually, I even eat the flowers!

This wonderful plant is extremely easy to grow and very pest resistant.  It does perform best at, temperatures from 15 to 25 degrees.

In cooler climates it can be grown all year round as it germinates in temperatures above 5 degrees. It just grows a little slower. 

In warmer climates it's best grown in the cooler months outdoors and as a microgreen or baby leaf in the warmer months.

I like to grow mine on my window in summer in indirect light, as a microgreen and baby leaf in the summer months, so I have a continual supply. 

Sow Rocket at approximately 2 mm deep

Germination 5 to 10 days, with microgreens harvested in ten days and baby leaves 2 to 3 weeks onwards.

Mature leaves can be harvested regularly after one month from sowing.

My recommendation is to sow new plants every month for continual harvests. If you love eating regular fresh tasty greens, Rocket in my eyes really makes a salad, sandwich or wrap just amazing!

Stocks may vary from time to time,,and can be limited due to harvest times and availability.