"The Secret to Worm Farming is understanding food, water, warmth & habitat.
Get this right and your will be way ahead of the rest." 

"Learn How You Can Farm Worms into the Thousands right at home
Without the Worry of Failure!
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You will finally learn how to farm worms, using simple to follow step by step proven methods that "100%" work. This way you get to avoid all the issues and problems before they arise and get results fast!
  • When is it available? It won't be far away, so while you wait, just devour the awesome free content that will be coming your way.
  • Will I learn a lot?  You bet. I started a brand new farm and I have been filmed the whole step by step process just for you. I also throw in plenty of cool Ninja worm farming tricks so you get results fast.
  • Who's teaching and coaching? My name is Marty Ware and I am a qualified Agricultural Horticulturist with over two decades in organic gardening experience. I live and breath worm farming and share all my knowledge inside.
  • Why should I join waiting list? I only open for class enrolment for four days and take a limited number of students. As I am coaching students I really want to serve each student the best I can. If you get on the waitlist you won't miss out when the time comes.
  • What's it all about? It's all about learning how to farm worms using my successful step by step formula that has proven to work, over and over again. You will be able to set up fast, get results quickly and start growing plants like crazy with no set backs.
Once this is open, the timer will start, sorry you won't get in after it closes.

Hi Marty
I just want to say how much value your new course Worm Farm a Beginners Guide is to me. I have started worm farming without really knowing much and have learnt by trial and error. It is great that I am able to go inside the course and have someone who answers my
questions the same day although sometimes the next day. I am finding the videos easy to understand and am learning so much.

Nobody has been able to offer you success until now!
Over the years I have had a lot of ups and down, trials and tribulations farming worms.  Yes, I lost my worms many times and had to start over and over again. This won't happen to you though, as I guarantee your success.
Nobody has ever offered coaching for worm farming before inside a members portal.
That's right you will be able to contact me right inside the website with any questions or problems that arise or you may have with the set up.  I will make myself available to you for three months after you sign up.
How awesome is that?
Inside this course you will learn how to farm worms into the thousands, collect castings easily and make amazing liquid fertilisers, that makes plants grow like crazy!
  • How to farm worms using super simple methods that work and avoid any problems that may occur before they start.
  • How to feed your worms so they multiply, breed and feed into a frenzy.
  • I will show you how to get amazing free fertiliser in the first few days, you will instantly save money and time. This means you start getting results quickly.
  • Keeping it simple.  This course has simple, easy to follow tutorials with no fluff education, to help you get up and running quickly.
  • I I live and breath worm farming and this is my work. I truly love it and I get a lot of satisfaction helping my students get results.  I look forward to teaching you also.  Jump on the waiting list and I will see you soon!
WARNING: Limited time slot.   I will only be opening this up to a minimal number of students for a limited time, as I want to provide the best educational experience ever.   The coaching and content will be second to none. I will 100% help you succeed. 
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