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How to Improve Soil Life and Grow Amazing Fresh Veggies!

The secret to a healthy lush, productive vegetable garden starts with the soils. Because without a good soil we really have no foundation to build upon.

Soil health is not only vital for productive, healthy gardening but it's vital for our planet.

Soils store, trap and hold carbon. This carbon that is stored in the soil profile helps feed what science calls, the soil web.

But how do we improve our soils so we can get the best results in our vegetable garden?

By using composts and mulch to improve the soil life and structure. A quality compost not only stores lots of vital nutrients for plants but it also houses the soil web and it's the soil web that brings your organic garden to life.

The soil web such as Fungi and microbes help the plants take up vital nutrients. In return the plants send down the sunlight rays to the roots feeding the web with vital energy in a form of sugars.

Were I live in Mullumbimby NSW Australia we have many different soils types but no matter what type of soil you have, adding compost is the way to go!

When we feed our soils quality compost we are also building structure in our soils. Compost improves the structure to clay soils by opening up the sticky pores and allowing better drainage.

In sandy soils compost helps by bringing body to soils by retaining more water.

Compost is best used on top of old soils and then covered with a light mulch. Be careful not to make your mulch too thick as the rain will need to penetrate through and reach the soil.

If you are starting a new garden you may need to do a light till first to allow oxygen into the soil profile and mix the compost through.

However after you done this it's best to not disturb your soils again and feed in layer on the top of your soil profile.

So to recap when you start with a quality compost you are giving your vegetable garden the best start it possibly can get.

If you live close to my home in Mullumbimby N.S.W Australia consider popping in and picking up some of my compost from me. I always enjoy helping others get the best results they can in their garden.

You can find details on the home page.

Happy Gardening


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