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Subpod Review

I created this Subpod review page to help you decide if this product would be a good fit for you and your garden.

I have two of these stationed in raise beds and really like them.  Feel free to watch the videos, read the article below and maybe you will want to add one of these to your garden too!


Underground worm farms have been around for decades and mostly been used by organic and permaculture gardeners who have been in the know like myself.

Until recently you had to always make your own, which for me has been a bit of a hassle.

DIY farms usually don't perform as well as the Subpods over a long period of time from my experience. 

It's a very hassle free worm farm that is easy and simple to use and is one of the reasons I love it.

The Subpod has been designed to perform, it's strong, looks great and does an efficient job.

Inside the Pod there are two compartments to help with harvesting and feeding the worms. Under the lid there is full feeding instructions for all the family. 

This way anyone putting kitchen scraps into the farm can't make a mistake by giving them the wrong food.

The pod comes with all the instructions needed to get started and manage long term.

The farm has the right size holes in the walls of the design to help the compost worms move in and out of the farm easily.

The whole idea of the design is to allow the worms to move out from the farm to deposit their castings and then back into the Pod to consume more of the food.

This way they spread their amazing fertile castings around your plant roots providing your plant with what I believe to be the best organic fertilisers on the planet.

If you want to find out more about Subpod or purchase using my affiliate discount link you will receive 10% off each purchase CLICK HERE NOW  use the code MARTYSGARDEN to receive your discount.

It's an awesome product and I highly recommend it for your garden success and sustainable lifestyle.

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